Volunteer Spotlight:

Charles Atwill

Managing Member at AFCG, LLC

CBA Headshot.jpg

How did you get started volunteering for CancerLINC?

I met with CancerLINC co-founder Ann Hodges about providing financial-issues support for cancer patients, and that conversation ended up developing into a volunteer role for me.  

What experience brought you to CancerLINC?

No specific experience brought me here; it was more of a desire to do something for others outside of my financial planning practice. 

Do you have any goals or hopes for the next year?

Right now, I’d be thrilled for my family and me to have good health – and perhaps be mask-free!


What are any challenges you have faced in your work with CancerLINC?

By far, the greatest challenge is to find ways to address the extremely limited finances of some of our clients and help them meet a host of money-related issues. Compounding their problems are the effects of their disease ­treatment, both of which make the process more difficult for them.


What is something you learned from your volunteer experience?

Never give up!  The courage and strength I’ve seen from our clients are truly inspiring.     


What career/hobbies/other interests do you have?

Besides my financial planning practice, I enjoy hiking/backpacking with my family, tinkering in the workshop, and playing my guitar.

Is there a story or other information you’d like to share?

To paraphrase one of our clients who spoke at our annual luncheon a few years ago, “I felt like I was no longer dealing with these problems alone.  The cavalry had come!”  That summed up what we’re all about pretty nicely.