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Who We Are

CancerLINC is a Richmond non-profit organization that has been helping local cancer patients for over 25 years.

We connect cancer patients with volunteer attorneys, financial advisors, and community resources, to help them with legal and financial matters that result from their cancer diagnoses.


Issues most often experienced by patients include:

·         medical debt, 

·         need for life planning legal documents, 

·         employment issues, 

·         insurance denials, and

·         housing insecurity.

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All professional services are provided free of charge to patients who live below the Federally-defined poverty level.


CancerLINC serves cancer patients across Central Virginia, including any patient receiving treatment through a Richmond-area cancer care group or facility.

CancerLINC serves mostly a vulnerable population of our community that does not have the financial resources to consider seeking legal assistance or financial guidance.

How You Can Help

CancerLINC does not charge for any of its services, and depends on gifts and grants to support its operations.


Your donation will help us provide an attorney or financial planner to a cancer patient in need.


Every donated dollar secures more than $4 of donated legal and financial planning services for cancer patients in our community.

Learn more at CancerLINC.org.

View our financial information at www.cancerlinc.org/financials. A financial statement for CancerLINC is also available upon written request from the Virginia Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.