Meet Some of Our Clients

When faced with the adversity of having to cope with cancer, having an organization like CancerLINC behind you to take care of the necessary documents that you need just in case things go south is invaluable and enables you to focus more on the fight with cancer, recover and that little extra time to be with those who are very dear to you. 

-Keith Chantree

CancerLINC helped me out and assured me everything was going to be OK.  CancerLINC empathized with the situation I was dealing with in the rehab facility. I think that CancerLINC takes the brunt of the anxiety that we as cancer patients feel and that is very much appreciated. 


I stumbled upon CancerLINC by accident as I went to return to work, still undergoing treatment. CancerLINC had the most generous and kind lawyer help me, which preserved my benefits and job. The stress during this time paralleled the stress of going through chemotherapy, and my heart goes out to anyone that must go through such a difficult event. I am blessed to have wonderful friends, a fabulous daughter, and support all around me. And this includes CancerLINC. I am forever grateful to CancerLINC and the services they provide.


My insurance was canceled in the middle of my cancer treatment. I was told that if I couldn't afford the treatment for my cancer, I'd be in a box. It was a battle until CancerLINC helped me and I got insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act. 


CancerLINC really helped me when I needed it. My wife and I walked away feeling awesome, good and relieved. I wasn't anxious anymore. The entire experience of cancer has been a blessing in disguise. The drama of my medical bills has opened me and my family's eyes to what is really important in life. 


When you are diagnosed with cancer, you have a lot to worry about and CancerLINC can help take some of those worries from you. 


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2009. I am a single mother of two and the sole breadwinner in my household. I requested a transfer to a smaller work facility that would only be 20 minutes away from my home. I spoke with Human Resources and learned that I met all requirements for a transfer, but it was to no avail. I feared I would lose my job but I didn't know where to turn until someone told me about CancerLINC. 

CancerLINC referred me to an attorney who spoke with my employer, sent a letter, and that same day, I got a call from my Superintendent with an offer for a transfer to the smaller, safer facility that was closer to my home. I was relieved, grateful and thankful for CancerLINC and my volunteer attorney. I know I would never have received a response or a transfer without CancerLINC's help, let alone been able to afford an attorney. 


My daughter passed from cancer. I was made guardian of my granddaughter. I met some important people in her life and mine. The people were from CancerLINC. If it wasn't for those people, I wouldn't be as far advanced in this process with my granddaughter and keeping her out of a bad situation. I've never met people that take their time and offer their help for people like me and my granddaughter. I didn't have anything before I met you. If I hadn't met you and the people that work with you, I wouldn't have a foot to stand on. I wouldn't know what to do.

-Philip Richardson & Granddaughter